My favourite Harry Potter craft resources – part 2

I’d forgotten how much I love the world of Harry Potter.  Since rediscovering how much I love it, I have been pinning like crazy on my Harry Potter Pinterest board. I hadn’t realised how much cool HP stuff there is out there and I’m loving it!  My only problem is tryign to figure out what to craft first.  I’ve been trying to figure out my favourite bits to tell you about but it’s been hard!  But here we go!

Free digital scrapbooking kits:

Antoinette’s Designs for each of the Hogwarts houses  and for Hogwarts itself are just fabulous and best of all they are free! Click on the pictures to go to her site to download.


More free printables:

I don’t know about you but I can’t resist a free printable, especially when it’s as cute as some of these!

Sugar tot Designs printable is too cute not to frame for a party.


These potion labels by Over the big moon are so realistic looking when decorating old bottles for a party or maybe even a potter swap.


Harry Potter Crafts:

 If you’re having a party, it just wouldn’t be right not to invite these guys.  Check them out at Over the Big Moon


This Gryffindor inspired wreath can be found on Etsy at Pickypickypeacock’s shop.  You could of course take inspiration from it and try to create your own in your favourite house colours.


I could go on forever but I think I’ll resist and perhaps there’ll be another post on Harry Potter crafts someday!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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