Meet the Robertson family

Welcome to our virtual home!


I’m so glad you’ve joined us, we’re going to have such fun!  Here at Swish Cottage we are on a journey to enjoy more of the simple life. You know, the things that make life worthwhile. You know what I mean, good food, living seasonally, family fun and embracing the home and each other.

 I’m Mrs R I’m on a path to learn the things our grandmothers knew. I want to learn to live as much as possible on homemade things rather than shop bought. I want to embrace cooking and baking from scratch with things grown in my garden if possible.  All while renovatin208211_6096135658_5794_ng our home.  In previous life I was a legal secretary who tread the boards in her spare time. Nowadays, I have a term time only job which allows me to look after our family. I hope you’ll stay a while and learn with me on a journey of contentment and domesticity.

 We bought Swish Cottage or as it has lately become known, The Burrow in March 2014 and it was stuck in the time warp that is the 60’s. And not in a good way! It’s got good bones but it needed lots of TLC and modernising.  We rose to the challenge!  We are in love with our home and are enjoying making improvements and watching the robins and tits and the bees in the apple trees.  We’ve three apple trees, a pear tree as well as rhubarb, grapes and gooseberries growing.  We plan on planting more but for now, we’re just enjoying and fixing the most important things.

DH or Mr R as I frequently refer to him on the blog is a computer geek who loves photography, learning new things, DIY and manning the barbecue.

He is one of those wonderfully annoying people who put their hand to something new and can master it in a few minutes flat! So annoying but very handy!  He’s literally the boy next door love of my life and we’ve been together more than half my life.  Sometimes he drives me nuts but I couldn’t do without him.

DD or Missy is a 7 year old whirlwind! She’s a highly spirited child who loves to laugh, play and learn. She’s the apple of my eye and often the source of much frustration at The Burrow but she’s all we could have ever asked for and more.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time with us and that we’ll learn a thing or two together.

Bright blessings!


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