The goodie burger

Anyone who has lived in South Africa and been to a Spur Steak Ranch will know what a Goodie Burger is.  And as an expat I crave this burger because it was my favourite thing to eat at Spur.  Today, having this particular craving and having already decided to make burgers for dinner, I came up with my version of the Goodie Burger.  I should have used tinned pineapple rings but all I had was tinned pineapple chunks and I should have used processed cheeses slices but I had grated cheddar.  Doesn’t matter, it was DELISH!


The goodie burger

4 cooked hamburger patties

processed cheese slices

Mushroom sauce

tinned pineapple rings (drained of juice)

4 hamburger buns, buttered


To assemble:

Place some lettuce on a bun followed by a hamburger pattie.  Follow with cheese slice, pineapple ring and topped with mushroom sauce.

Serve immediately!

Sounds like a strange combo but believe me, it’s so good you will thank me!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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