DIY all natural lip scrub recipe

Hello my lovelies,

It’s half term here in the UK and it’s raining. Of course it’s raining. It’s half term and I have a seven year old to entertain.  Of course, it’s bloody raining!


I found some cute little clear butterfly pots at The Works a couple of weeks ago and thought they would be perfect to make some lip balm with.  But it’s that time of year when my lips are always dry and rough from the change in the season.  I’ve seen lip scrubs in some high end stores and figured, it couldn’t be that difficult to make one.  So Missy and I gave it a go.

lip scrub.jpg

The ingredients, are probably those that you already have in your pantry.  You will need:

1t coconut oil

1t honey – we used some lavender flower honey we got in Germany last year

2 1/2 of white sugar or brown if you prefer

1/4 t vanilla bean extract (optional)


Measure all ingredients into a bowl and combine well.  Try not to eat it!  It smells and tastes fabulous!

Spoon carefully into the little pots and there you have it!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Bright blessings,

Mrs R



Harry Potter Christmas Tree

Hello my lovelies,

I’m finally getting five minutes to blog about our awesome Harry Potter Christmas tree.  It’s been manic around here the past few days for various reasons and having to prepare for Christmas has made it more so.  But enough of that, onto the tree!


Isn’t it fab?  Missy and I are so proud of our handiwork.

We’ve split the tree into the four house colours  using baubles but then decided against splitting the other decorations into sections and just went to town decorating to our hearts content.

I really love how some of our homemade Rememberall, Grim tea cup, spell book and potion bottle baubles turned out.

The homemade flying keys turned out well although it’s a bit difficult to see them on the tree from afar.

I’ve had so many good comments about the Weasley jumpers.


One of my favourite decorations on the tree though are Luna Lovegood’s spectraspecs.  I got them 3D printed and decorated them with sharpies.


Not all of the decorations are homemade. Many are shop bought due to time constraints.  The flying key (known in Matalan as dragonfly key) was £3 in Matalan.


Primark had loads of amazing Harry Potter items in this year.  Although some cheeky folks were buying anything Potter related they could find and selling them on ebay for quadruple the price, I still managed to get my hands on a few bits.  Like this gorgeous platform 9 3/4 bauble that I got for £5.SONY DSC

In the top left corner, of the picture below you’ll see some potter book page scrolls.  I rescued a copy of a Harry Potter book from the bin (it had been scribbled in) and used the pages to craft.

The marauder’s map was purchased from ebay along with the acceptance letter in the next picture down.  The white owls are from the Range and were £1.29 each I think.


Big Ben was from Poundland of all places.


The chocolate frog shell came on a keyring with a plastic chocolate frog.


Another Poundland purchase.  Although these London themed decorations are not strictly Potter based, I thought they fitted in nicely with the theme since Harry is British.SONY DSC

I had planned on sewing a Dobby from scratch but ordered this one below when I ran out of time.


The bundle from ebay included this cool platform 9 3/4 ticket and the knight bus ticket shown later.


Harry’s glasses were from a fancy dress shop on ebay and the deathly hallows pendant came from a bracelet also from ebay.


I adore the house ornaments I got from Primark fro £4 for the set.  I used a gem decoration as the Philosopher’s stone and got the mini broomsticks from ebay too. SONY DSC

This blue bauble looked like Jame and Lily’s patronuses and fit in perfectly.SONY DSCSONY DSC

Crookshanks had to have a look in. Which cat can resist a Christmas tree?


Here’s the ministry of magic interdepartmental memo that we made earlier in the year following the tutorial from 10digitdesign.  There’s a free printable too.


I was quite excited to find this Hermione Grange figurine in a local charity shop.SONY DSC

In the left hand side of this picture you’ll see a bauble filled with a cat collar and a toy.  These belonged to our cat George who went over the rainbow bridge to the Great Christmas Tree in the sky a couple of years ago. This bauble will remain on our tree year after year.

There are also some angel wings behind the Slytherin locket (ebay) as a reminder of those in the Potterverse who died in the fight against You-Know-Who.  You can also see the Amortensia potion and the Aquila magazine that featured Harry Potter in the Summer.


Here’s a prophesy baubleSONY DSC

And a unicorn horn SONY DSC

Ravenclaw’s diadem is in the front and you can just about see some mini potion bottles too.   Somewhere in the nooks and crannies of the tree there’s a time turner, a felix felixis bottle, a golden snitch, a Hufflepuff tie and the Tri-wizard cup.SONY DSC

The bunting I got from Primark and the signs frame the fireplace nicely along with the potion bottle lights I made.


I am still in love with my Hedwig owl that I got from Paperchase about 8 years ago now.   But check out the marauder’s map wrapping paper from Primark!  Amazing, right?


There is so much more I could have done but I just ran out of time and tree space!SONY DSC

Maybe next year?

Bright blessings,

Mrs R


Harry Potter Craft Swap

Hello my lovelies,

Last year, I participated in a craft swap but sadly I did not receive my swap.  Our craft group swap organiser asked the group for swap angels to make a little something for those who did not receive their swaps. A lovely lady called Woozelmom who has a great blog, agreed to be my swap angel and I waited patiently for my owl delivery.

This is what arrived – by royal mail, I might add, not owl. LOL!

These posters are so clever and must have taken a lot of time to word and design.



Stan Shunpike’s conductors ID came with the posters

11208805_10153171681625659_1539875728_n 11198478_10153171681415659_973671127_n

as well as a ticket for the Knight Bus.  Again, I can’t believe the detail on this ticket!


I’ve removed my address from the front of the envelope for security reasons. I just love that the owls seem to be clutching the letter. There was one for me and one for my daughter.


This is the back of the envelope with the Hogwarts hot wax crest. The detail on the crest was amazing.


Inside my daughter’s letter it said


and there was this lovely wrapped gift from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes for her. I love the details of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes logo on the top of the paper bag.


Inside the package was little little lady.  My daughter has called her Candy Floss ‘Flossie’ for short.  Again, the details are just phenomenal!  Flossie has a little bed, favourite cookie and a little soft comfort toy.


And here Flossie is snug in her bed. This Pygmy Puff has such beautiful details including little ears, a cute pom pom nose and the cutest ever little feet!


Flossie loves to sit on my daughter’s shoulder.


My part of the parcel held such exciting goodies. I completely forgot to take a picture of the letter from Charlie Weasley that accompanied this little package.

There’s something so intriuging about a brown paper wrapped gift.  It looks in no way ostentatious and gives no clues with it’s humble appearance.


Charlie’s letter said that he was sending me a Chinese Fireball Dragon’s egg because it never grew big enough to hatch.


The printout that was in the box is a copy of the Chinese Fireball’s carer Harvey Ridgebit field notes on the egg.


Isn’t it gorgeous!


The next item blew my mind! I have no idea how Woozlemom printed onto this fabric so cleanly.  And the box is covered so perfectly, it looks as if it were made that way.


Inside sat these goodies.


A Gyffindor themed bracelet


and this really cute snitch necklace


Also in the bottom of the package was a box of Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans!  I’m apprehensive to try these because the flavours include dirt, boogers, sausage and earwax!

I feel thoroughly spoiled by such lovely presents and if you want some Harry Potter inspiration check out Woozlemom’s blog.

Bright blessings,

Mama R


Ollivanders wand box

Hello my lovelies,

I’m so geeked about today’s craft. It took a while to do but its the perfect accompaniment to the wand I made the last week to go in her Hogwarts delivery.  This will be in use during our Hogwarts Holiday at Home program during the half term break and summer holidays.


I wasn’t about to reinvent the wheel so I followed the instructions from a tutorial on YouTube from a crafter called PSiren28 check out her tutorial here. for how to make the box.

I then painted it inside and out with black acrylic paint and allowed it to dry.

This was very difficult to photograph since I was so busy making it so I hope my instructions will suffice.

Once it was dry, I cut pieces of fabric to fit into the lid and base. I wanted the fabric in the base to drape and sort of look full so I useda fairly large piece and played with it until it looked right. Once I had a piece of fabric I was happy would fit, I put clear PVA glue in the base and lid and inserted the fabric.

While these were drying I printed off the box labels from SugiAi and Catholic All Year

The I cut them out and glued them on.


Allow the labels to dry and voila! You’re all done!

I just love that glittery fabric!  A little witchlet has gotta have some bling, right?

Don’t forget to keep checking back because I’ve got some great tutorials coming up in keeping with the Hogwarts Holiday at Home program.

Bright blessings,

Mama R


DIY Disney Autograph Book

Hello my lovelies,

I must have been having a brain fart!  I really thought I had already posted this!  Ho hum!

I wanted to create a personalised Disney Autograph book for my daughter for our coming trip to Disneyland Paris in August. I know I could easily have bought her one but people were charging £10-£15 for them. While I know that this is perfectly justified for the amount of work involved but how would buying an album satisfy my crafting itch?

So I made this!

diy disney autograph album

I love it!  And so does my daughter!

It was not easy to make but it only cost me around £6 to make and believe me there isn’t another one like it around anywhere.

So, firstly, I bought the album from ebay. It has 40 pages and a sturdy front and back cover.

It took me ages, but I finally found the digital scrapbooking kit that appealed from Wyld Peas Designs. It’s called Mickey Minnie and it’s just fantabulous!


I measured the album’s pages and set my Powerpoint slides to the appropriate size and set about digital scrapbooking and creating these cute pages.   Some of the pages are digitally scrapbooked and some were pictures pinched from the internet.

FullSizeRender (2)

This is my favourite princess picture page


I definitely love a little bit of bunting…


I was hoping to keep ticket stubs to paste in with some washy tape and hopefully a few photographs too.


After all the pages were designed, I printed, cut out and pasted them into the album.  I laminated the front cover because I thought it might get a little bit ratty during our visit. And for the finishing touch, I tied disney colour ribbons onto the wire binding.

I still need to make a cross body tote for her to keep her autograph album in so that it’s ready for character introductions and I promise to post about that later.

I can’t wait for our trip now!

Bright blessings,

Mama R