DIY Mr & Mrs burlap wedding bunting

Hello my lovelies,

I made this lovely bunting for Sarah from Kippers and Curtains wedding and just had to share the tutorial. It was time consuming but quite easy to make. To be honest, it’s the kind of bunting I’d have loved to have had at my wedding but I had no concept of bunting 10 years ago!

Of course, I’ve staged my mantle with one of my wedding pictures but I’m seriously considering making myself some bunting just like this for my bedroom.   I was lucky enough to find some blooming lilacs in my garden and my living room is filled with the lovely scent! Ah, don’t you just love Summer time?


You will need:

Burlap (about half a metre)

Lace fabric (a quarter of a metre will be more than enough)

Contrasting floral fabric (scraps will do)

Iron on interfacing (a small piece will do)

Cream/white fabric (again, a small piece will do)

Mr & Mrs templates created on your computer and cut out

Roughtly 2 metres of Bias binding

Modge podge

A paint brush

A hot glue gun

A sewing machine with white thread

To making bunting you will first need to cut out a triangle template. If you’re not confident to cut one out you can find templates online.

On your computer in a word processing program type out the words MR & MRS in a font large enough to fit nicely into your triangles. Print these off and cut them out. Set aside.

Once you’ve got your template cut out, pin it to your burlap and cut out as many triangles as you will need. In this case, 8 triangles of burlap. You will also need 2 triangles cut out of lace and you will need to cut out two hearts from contrasting fabric.


Once you’ve got your triangles cut out you will need to modge podge the edges of the burlap triangles. This helps to stop the burlap from fraying.  Leave these to dry on some newspaper.

When they are dry, place the 2 lace triangles on top of two dried burlap triangles and sew along the edges.


Pin the hearts onto the middle of the lace burlap triangles and sew around the edges of the hearts.

Iron on a piece of iron on interfacing to the back of your cream/white fabric.  Now hold your [paper etters on the fabric and cut them out.  You will be tempted to pin these on before you cut them out but I don’t recommend you do this because it will leave pin marks. Trust me, I know!


Anyway, once your letters are cut out of interfacted fabric hot glue them onto your burlap squares.  Make sure you get all the edges so that it lays nice and flat once stuck down.

Allow to dry completely.


Pin the triangles onto your bias binding.  I left 3 fingers space between the heart lace triangle and the first M and then again before the R.  I left just over 4 fingers space between the R and the ampersand. Continue in this way spacing it so it looks good to you.

Sew a straight line along the bias binding about a quarter of an inch from the edge and you’re done!

It’s easy and looks so pretty strung on the main table or above the cake table. The couple can use it as a decoration in their bedroom after the wedding.

Happy crafting!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



Brag Bag!

Hello my lovelies,

I am so proud of my new bag.


It’s a Calypso Rose or Clippy London Photo tote bag that I picked up brand new with tags at a car boot sale for 15p. I am not even joking! I couldn’t snap it up fast enough!


I saw these beauties being sold in Harrods a few years ago and really wanted one but wasn’t prepared at the time to pay the £25 price tag for one so I thought I’d wait and ask for one as a birthday gift.  Or course I forgot.  But when I saw it going BRAND NEW with tags at a car boot sale, I was prepared to splurge and then was told it was 15p!  Serious bargain!

I wanted to get a liner for my bag but didn’t like the colours of their basic liners so decided to sew myself one.  I’m so proud of how it turned out and I love the navy and white polka dots.

I cut my pics to fit and voila! A brag bag!

Super proud of it and it makes me smile too, so that’s a bonus.

Bright blessings,

Mama R


DIY Hogwarts Gryffindor Robes

Hello my lovelies,

Here’s the next item that will be in the special delivery package from Hogwarts for our Hogwarts Holiday at Home program.

Every witchlett needs a school robe!  I’m still waiting for the patch to arrive from ebay but I couldn’t help posting a picture. I am a mature enough geek to say that I really want one of these myself!


I was lucky enough find a sewing pattern for a kids robe at a car boot sale- you know the kind you wear over your pyjamas? I used that and lined it to make this robe. It’s not a difficult sewing project and requires intermediate sewing skills. Everything but the sleeves on this robe are lined.

Sadly, I didn’t take pictures of the sewing process but here’s a tutorial from DIY Fashion that is easy to follow and until I found my pattern I was going to use it.

When the Gryffindor patch arrives I’ll sew it on and it’s going to look really cool. I think she’s going to love it!

Bright blessings,

Mama R


The vintage dress project

I’m finally revealing my Vintage Inspired Dress! I finished it last year but when I tried it on, I was too big to fit into it! Woop woop!  Thank you weight loss!

 So a stone down and here it is…


The Vintage inspired dress project

August 15, 2014

I’m finally revealing my Vintage Inspired Dress! I finished it last year but when I tried it on, I was too big to fit into it!

So a stone down and here it is!

Please excuse the picture.  Do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of your dress with the camera propped up on the mantel?

A special thanks to Minerva Crafts for sponsoring me the fabric for what I’m now calling my Lindy-bop dress.

Bright blessings,

Mama R


Christmas tea towel art – a tutorial…kind of

Primark was selling the cutest Christmas tea towels and at £1.20 they were a steal that I just couldn’t resist.   However, I hate cotton tea towels.  They aren’t as absorbent as their terry cloth counterparts.  No, I had other plans for these lovely festive tea towels and I am so pleased with how they turned out.


It was so easy this can’t even be called a tutorial because it was so easy.  All I did was set a plain hem in the top of the tea towel large enough to slide a dowel rod through.  That’s it!  Easy huh?

 *please excuse the text it was from my old blog before we changed to The swish family Robertson *

Bright blessings,

 Mama R


DIY Frozen Elsa Dress


I’d like to say that I had so much fun sewing this dress but truth be told it was a little bit of a nightmare!  There are a number of reasons for this


Firstly, I designed the pattern myself which lent itself to a load of issues with fitting.  Then I was using two fabrics I’d never used before.  The blue stretch velour was so annoying to work with and since I didn’t have much of it, I had to get creative with how I cut it whilst making sure the fabric did not stretch out of shape.  Then there was the gauzy fabric for the cape… it was so flimsy it kept threatening to pull away from the stitches!

Once I’d sewn it, I was really unhappy with how it was hanging on DD so I took it to Meemaw who is a veteran wedding dress seamstress and she was able to sort out the issue with it in no time!

The cold never bothered me anyway!


It came out great once the issues were sorted and DD just loves it!

 That’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

 Thanks for reading,

 Mama R


Sewn card

I nearly forgot!

I had a birthday party to go to over the weekend and had forgotten to buy a card!  And since I was too lazy to wade through my messy garage to haul out my paper crafts box, I looked around my sewing table and… well, this is what I came up with.

Not bad for scraps, eh?
Mama R