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Oldskool chocolate oaty slice

I make these at least once a month and they're so good. They're like chocolate hob nob with icing. Don't take my word for it, try them. Oldskool chocolate oaty slice 250g butter, melted 175g oats 175g self raising flour 140g sugar 15g cocoa For the icing: 125g icing sugar 20g cocoa powder 2-3T water… Continue reading Oldskool chocolate oaty slice

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Lemon and elderflower cake

I made this Lemon and elderflower cake after following a lovely account on Instagram called Remembering the old ways. I adore her beautiful home and her baking never fails to inspire. The original recipe was in ounces so I converted it to grams. This cake is deliciously fragrant! It smells like a heavenly English summer.… Continue reading Lemon and elderflower cake

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Lemon & Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

This breakfast bake is tasty, economical and uses up bread that would otherwise go in the bin. It's filling and perfect to make ahead. 600g stale french bread, cubed8 eggs250ml milk125g sugarZest of 1 1/2 lemons250g of blueberries In a bowl mix the cracked eggs, milk, sugar and lemon zest. Then add the bread and… Continue reading Lemon & Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

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Home management binder free printables

Hello my lovelies, Doesn't it always seem that keeping the home and household management requires a lot of planning, forethought and consideration? Are you constantly making lists in notepads and on scraps of paper, and misplacing said lists only to have to write them out all over again? That was me until I created and… Continue reading Home management binder free printables

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Last day of school posters 2021 free download

Hello my lovelies, With the last day of the school year looming, and my daughter graduating from middle school I decided it was time to make the annual last day of school posters. Since I was doing one for us, I thought I would make some for all the middle school years as a freebie… Continue reading Last day of school posters 2021 free download

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Frozen Mango & Berry Yoghurt Bark in collaboration with OralB

If your family is anything like mine, they will want some sort of dessert after dinner. I'll be honest, after I've cooked dinner and tidied the kitchen I'm tired and grumpy and not in the mood to prepare anything else because as far as I am concerned, the kitchen is closed! I invariably fall into… Continue reading Frozen Mango & Berry Yoghurt Bark in collaboration with OralB

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Batch cook with me: Hidden veggie tomato sauce that kids love!

I have been making hidden veggie sauce of some kind for years. Some that my family loved and some that they really, really didn't... mostly because the colour and consistency of the sauce gave me away and they complained that I'd snuck in extra veggies. Which of course I had but with fussy eaters who… Continue reading Batch cook with me: Hidden veggie tomato sauce that kids love!

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How to eat an elephant

Hello my lovelies, Picture from We Are the It's been a rough road lately. The Black Dog reared his head, growled malevolently and promptly grew another two heads; all very Cerberus like and ominous. I've struggled off and on for most of my life with anxiety and depression. Often in the long dark Winter… Continue reading How to eat an elephant