Why I’m moving the new year to March

Hello my lovelies,

Spring has finally sprung!  It’s been a little temperamental here in England with one day being the warmest day of the year so far and the next being chilly and windy.  But that’s England for you.


I’m sure you’re wondering why I have decided to change up the entire calendar year that has pretty much stood the test of time.Changing the New Year to 20 March is a pretty ludicrous thing to propose. Of course I’m not going to petition parliament with my request, it’s just a personal thing; but hear me out.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea to have the New Year start on 1 January but it was a pretty rubbish idea.  I understand that life can seem lackluster after Christmas and people need something to celebrate.  Any reason for a tipple!  I’ve got nothing against celebrating the fact that the following day will be the 1st of January.   However, I do have a problem with trying to get anything done in January.  Or February, come to think of it.  They are rubbish months where morale is low and I don’t know about you but I feel my worst in these months.

Most people decided to crack on with New Year’s resolutions in January and almost every single person I know has failed to start a new regime at this time of year.  Think about it for a minute.  The weather is crap. It’s cold, it’s miserable and gray.  You don’t feel like starting anything new. You don’t feel optimistic or in any right frame of mind to make life changes.  It’s a grim time of year to be doing anything besides getting your Hygge on. So what do we do?  We write a list of all the things we want to change in our lives and within a week, we feel like useless wretches because we haven’t been able to even start on the goals we set ourselves. Can you say counterproductive?

I don’t know about you but the closer I get to Spring which is mid March, the more optimistic I feel.  The sun shines brighter, the days are getting longer and suddenly, I feel more energetic. I feel optimistic.  I feel ready to start doing the things I’ve been meaning to.  See what I mean?  It just makes sense!

Just after Christmas is the best time to start thinking about the things you want to change. January and February are the time to finalize that list of changes and to get ready.  Wanna get fit?  Buy those new trainers in January.  Wanna start eating healthy? Do your research so come March, you’re good to go!

Who is with me?

Bright blessings

Mrs R





The Joy 1000 project

I’m grateful for so much today.  But I’ll keep it to 3 things.

1. I’m grateful my garden is looking lovely and inviting.

2.  I’m grateful for a kind friend who is helping me with so much.

3. I am grateful for the lighter days recently.

Bright blessings,

Mama R

The swish family Robertson

The Joy 1000 Project

Hello my lovelies,

I read about the Joy 1000 Project on a blog called A Girl called Jack.  She’s a true inspiration and like most of us in the world do from time to time, she’s going through a hard time.

So, she came up with an idea to document things that bring her joy.  To quote her blog this is what she’s doing:

‘I’m going to find and document things that bring me joy. Counting my blessings, if you like. Partly to help with my ‘black dog’, the anxiety, the panic and fear that seems to have caught up with me lately (see the ‘I can’t even open my own front door’ article). Partly to remind myself in my busy days to pause and take a moment to savour joyful things. Partly to share the joy with you, my lovely readers. I’m just snapping things on my phone as I go about my day to day life, saving them in a folder, and I’ll share them here on my blog. Sometimes life can be so busy and the days so full and the deadlines so imminent and the abuse so torrential and the time flies so fast and there’s so much to do…’

And I think that’s a fine idea.  I suffer  with that bastard ‘black dog’ too…  thankfully less often than I used to. I’ve taught him to heel but some days he runs rampant. And, I am sure that living a more mindful life will help to keep him not only to heel but to do tricks.

So today, three things that bring me joy:

1. Watching my daughter sleep.  She mumbles the funniest little things in her sleep and kissing her warm snuggly little forhead as she sleeps makes me feel ridiculously happy and incredibly humbled.

2. The sun coming up earlier every day.  It makes me feel hopeful every morning when I wake at 6 am and stumble though to the kitchen to see the first fingers of light spearing the darkened sky.

3. A simple cup of tea. There is so much pure joy in a good cup of tea.

Brightest blessings my dear readers,

Mama R