The 21 day grocery challenge: Week 2

Hello my lovelies,

Well, we are ten days into the 21 day grocery challenge and I we’re doing just fine!

Last week  I spent 18.55 on groceries which included toilet paper, milk, bread, yoghurt and some fresh vegetables.

This morning  I got in another loaf of bread, some cheese, milk and some margarine which cost a whopping £5.30.

So far so good, I should think.

Sadly, my weight maintenance didn’t fare so well over Christmas. I gained 6 lbs!  And what with not use of my kitchen this week due to renovations and some other bad news and I can’t guarantee I’m not going to be facing another gain on the scale on Thursday.

Anyway, if I can get use of my stove this is what I intend to cook this week.

Monday 4 January: Beef & vegetable stir fry with rice and salad

Tuesday 5 January: Steve – Spaghetti and meatballs (from the freezer), Leo – campfire stew  (from the freezer) and peas, Hermione – fish fingers and chips with peas

Wednesday 6 January: Pork chops, with cobs, jacket, broccoli and roasted pumpkin

Thursday 7 January: Roast chicken drumsticks, roasted pumpkin, courgettes, broccoli and carrot

Friday 8 January: Minced beef pasta bake (2.5 syns) with salad

Saturday 9 January: Salmon (bought on sale and frozen)with roasted vegetable couscous

Sunday 10 January: Tomato and cheese pasta with salad

How is your grocery challenge going?

Bright blessings,

Mama R




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