The 21 day Grocery Challenge


Hello my lovelies,

Today I went out shopping to see if I could bag myself some bargains.  I landed up, as you do, in Morrisons where I noticed that meat was reduced. It was all dated for today, which as long as it is frozen quickly once you get home, should be perfectly fine. I’ve often used meat from the reduced section like this.


I bought £35.60 worth of meat, which if I had paid full price would have cost me £83.01.  I was so excited when I got home, until I started trying to fit it all into the freezer. I realised two things:

  1. Meat has a lot of really bulky packaging that I had to reduce by transfering it into zip lock bags to get it to fit.
  2. I have a STUFFED chest freezer and a STUFFED fridge freezer. I mean stuffed as in, I couldn’t fit anything else in there if I tried.

I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and began to jot down what I had ‘in stock’ not only in my freezers but also in my food cupboards.  And I was truly shocked!  I have enough food to last me probably a month and a half.  I hasten to add, I am not talking about milk, bread and fresh fruit and veggies. I have enough of that to last me probably the better part of a week. But still, that’s A LOT of food.

So, I set myself a challenge. From 26th of December 2015 until 16th of January 2016 I will be using only food out of my fridge and cupboards. At first this seemed like a marvelous idea until hubby pointed out that I would still need sundries like fresh bread for my daughter, along with milk, fresh fruit and veg and possibly toilet paper.

I agreed and decided that instead of spending my usual £60 a week on shopping, I would only spend £20 a week on the sundries described above and I would use all meats and other staples in as much as humanly possibly out of my ‘stock’.

And to sweeten the pot a little, I decided to save the extra £40 per week towards my driving licence fund.

I’ve sat down and written out a 21 day dinner menu plan using supplies from my stock, bearing in mind that I will need to buy as little as possible from the shops. Of course I’m on Slimming World too, so I know that I have to try to make my menu as slimming world friendly as I can. This is only for dinner – I haven’t yet thought of breakfast or lunches but I reckon that’s my spontaneous side rearing her pretty little head and begging to be given a little freedom.

The 21 day grocery challenge week 1

Sat 26 December: Leftover roast dinner & stuffing parcels with gravy.

Sun 27 December: Macaroni & cheese (leftover gammon) with green beans and salad plate / Batchelors Ham & leek pasta and sauce with green beans and salad plate.

Mon 28 December: Turkey supreme (2.5 syns) with rice, broccoli & carrots

Tue 29 December: Jacket with leftover chicken supreme (2.5 syns) /ham & cheese sandwich and pumpkin soup.

Wed 30 December: Spaghetti Bolognese with large side salad

**Thur 31 December: Chicken and chickpea curry & rice with naan bread and sambals/ dippy eggs

Friday 1 January: Leftover with salad

Saturday 2 January: Dinner for Mother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow?

Sunday 3 January: Pulled pork rolls/salad (5 syns)

Every week I will post an update. But the funny thing is, I looked over this first week and knowing I have a loaf of bread in my freezer along with 4 pints of milk I won’t need to go shopping this week. Unless I run out of toilet paper.  Or tampons.

I’ll be chuffed to pieces if I can actually stick to this and will be interested to see what else is left in my freezer after that.  Could I make it through one and a half of maybe two months with this in mind?

Watch this space!

Bright blessings,

Mama R





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