Tulley’s Farm Christmas Experience

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and most of it has been working, renovating our house and starting a new job which means I’m now working full time!  More on that another time!

I wanted to share with you our kick off to the festive season.  I’d heard that Tulley’s Farm did a fantastic Christmas experience but I really didn’t expect to be so blown away!

It was a cold, rainy, blustery day and despite all of us getting over the flu we decided to go and see Father Christmas anyway.  We arrived at 9:40 to collect our tickets and had fun taking pictures and dancing. Everywhere was decorated and had been made festive.

We revieved a kids passbook filled with a map and lots of info as well as an Elf Hunt.


Before our Tractor ‘sleigh ride’ we spent our time wandering about the festive delights.  First we decided to beat the queues and write our letter to Father Christmas at Santa’s Post House. The Post Master was brilliant and really embraced his character.


While I was busy helping DD write her letter to Santa the Post Master gave DH a letter from Santa to put under my daughter’s pillow in way of a reply.


All she wanted for Christmas she told me was for her Scout Elf Snowflake to come back this year… watch this space for more Elf Antics!  I loved how the Post Master even posed in character.

It was really silly of me but I videod us going through the post office into the sorting room and through the winter wonderland to post our letter in the official north pole post box.  I should have taken photographs but sadly I was too busy videoing it!  I still have no idea how to insert video’s in to here!

On our elf search there were lots of things to see

We spent loads of time with the reindeer while DD asked loads of questions. She’s going to be an amazing vet one day.

When it came to meeting these guys DD was suddenly very shy and wouldn’t even look at them prefering instead to climb all over Daddy!



There was a short wait for our tractor ‘sleigh’ ride to see Santa and we occupied ourselves by making funny faces!






And talking to the elves

At last we were on the tractor ‘sleigh’ and DD thought that singing Jingle Bells was just ludicrous


At Santa’s grotto Father Christmas was fast alseep and the children had to wake him up so he could tell me them as story.

I was so impressed because everything was so well decorated and thought out and even Father Christmas looked so realistic!


We had a lovely picture taken with Father Christmas then  waited a short while before we got back on the tractor ‘sleigh’ to go and make our presents.



Which turned out to be – Build your own bears!


We also bought the photograph which I thought was good value for money for such a large picture at £8.

After we had warmed up with some mulled wine and a mince pie from a vendor, we watched the puppet show which was all about doing nice things for those we love.


We even watched the singing chickens!  Yes, chicken!

We could have gotten something to eat there but it was busy and we were cold and hungry so we went off to Smith & Western (one of our favourite restaurants) for brunch.

Here a tired little girl snuggled with her new kitty friend Daisy that she got from Father Christmas.  DH caved and bought her a dress for Daisy which was £9.95 which considering the prices at the Build-a-bear-factory, this was cheaper.


All in all, this was a wonderful day out and a lovely Christmas experience.  It was not cheap at £12.95 per child and £7.95 per adult but it was worth every penny because even us adults enjoyed it. And the fact that they get such a high quality gift as well made it worth it.

I give this Christmas experience 8/10

Stay tuned over the next few days for most festive fun,

Bright blessings,

Mama R







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