A Frozen in Summer Birthday Party

Hello my lovelies,

Apologies for staying away so long but it’s been a mad house around here.  Not only did we renovate my daughter’s bedroom (including making it bigger by knocking a wall down) but we pulled off her birthday party too in the same week!  Yes, we are insanely insane!

The night before, I made the jelly for this little fella using the blue jelly that my mom sent me from South Africa. I couldn’t find blue jelly here, for love nor money!


I was going for this and don’t think I was too far off.


The day of her party I was up before the crack of dawn decorating cupcakes. I’m feeling rather pleased with myself because my cupcake decorating skills are coming along thanks to a little Pinspiration.

We had Anna cupcakes…


And Elsa cupcakes… Please forgive the table. Like I said, it was the crack of dawn and I hadn’t yet scrubbed the outdoor furniture down.


But my absolute favourite cupcakes were these Olaf ones. I was trying to recreate the scene in the film where he’s on the beach and I don’t think I did too badly! I iced on side with chocolate icing and covered it with crushed biscuits.  On the other side I piped blue icing.  Olaf’s towel is a rainbow sour sweet and the floating ring is a Polo sweet.  The umbrellas are cocktail umbrellas and little Olaf is made from rice paper cutouts I got off ebay.  The kids absolutely adored these little beauties!


We also had melted snowman biscuits which were another hit


along with these. My mom used to make these marshmallow flower biscuits for my birthday parties when I was a kid.  They are just iced rich tea biscuits with sliced up marshmallows.  I piped a little leftover icing in the middle and popped on a mini-smartie.


Here’s a picture of my fourth birthday party and third blue plate on the right features these little marshmallow flower biscuits!


My friend Deborah from Milwaukee sent me some blue Kool-ade and I made melted snowman punch which the kids couldn’t get enough of… I wonder why!?


The morning was a mad rush but I was quite pleased with how the decorations turned out


B&M homestores are brilliant for cheap and cheerful party decorations which worked really well for a Frozen in Summer Party.





The idea for this party was that the kids were going to find out what frozen things did in Summer..  So, we had a trampoline, swings, slide, play tent, play house, sand pit and swimming pool for the kids to play. And play they did!


Unfortunately, with 22 kids and 26 parents I couldn’t include pictures that featured the kids or I would have have had to get the permission of each and every parent so I’ve only used pictures of before the party.

The cake was a cheat cake.  I bought a plain white cake from Costco and decorated it.  I was going for a Frozen in Summer idea and I think it worked out pretty well.


We were going to play a few party games but the kids were so busy playing in the yard that we all forgot about them.  None of the little sweeties wanted to leave come home time!  To me, that’s a sign of a good party!

Bright blessings!

Mama R



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