Free Honeydukes labels

Hello my lovelies,


I’ve been crafting again!  As you will know from previous posts, I am doing a Hogwarts Holiday at Home program for my daughter when we return from Disneyland Paris. The holiday program will start with a delivery from Hogwarts via owl post of an acceptance letter to the Hogwarts Holiday at Home program, a handcrafted wand with an Ollivander’s wand box,  a Gryffindor robe, and some bought items such as a plush little owl called Otus who will have this own birth certificate (tutorial and printable to come) and blanket, a Nimbus 2000 broomstick, a Gryffindor scarf and some sweeties from Honeydukes!

I knew I wanted to add some sweet treats from Honeydukes and have been scouring the shops to find sweets that would be passable as wizarding treats. It wasn’t that difficult to be honest as there’s a lot that could easily be rebranded which is what I did.


The first thing I did was google a list of Honeydukes candies and since I couldn’t find a free printable Honeydukes Label, I created my own which will be free for you to download at the end of the post.


From left to right we have, Fudge Flies (chocolate covered raisins), Fizzing Whizzbees (flying saucers), Sherbet Lemons (there really are sweets called Sherbet Lemons which are Dumbledore’s favourites), Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans, Acid pops (Haribo sour stripes) and a slab of chocolate as a Dementor remedy.

It really was easy. I just bought some clear cellophane bags from ebay and filled them with sweets.  Printed off the Honeydukes labels I created using elements from the internet, printed them off, cut them out and stapled them on. It couldn’t have been easier!

Pieces of Polly had a great free printable for the Dementors chocolate wrapper.  Unfortunately it’s for an american bar of chocolate and didn’t fit the slab of Milka that I bought. To make this look better, I wrapped the slab in navy tissue paper and then just pasted the labels from Pieces of Polly on the front and back.


All these were relatively easy except for the Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans.  I mixed a bag of regular jelly beans and a box of Harry Potter gross flavoured beans to make a combination of yummy and suprising sweet treats. I printed off a copy of the Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans box from this link


I know the original was not tied with a ribbon at the top but I quite liked the effect of the ribbon as it gave it a nice dimension. I did this by punching a hole in the top of each of the points at the top of the box and threaded the ribbon through and tied it in a bow.


For the chocolate frog box I downloaded a copy of the box from Gaddia on Deviant Art.


I printed it off and followed the instructions for cutting and folding. I think it came out rather well.

The swish family Robertson

I’ve yet to add the chocolate frog but I didn’t want the chocolate to melt before I gave it to DD. I’ll be using Freddo chocolate frogs for this.


I did make some chocolate frogs using a chocolate frog mould I bought from ebay but they went a whitish colour. I think this has something to do with the fact that I have no idea how to temper chocolate.  Aaaanyhooo!

The empty suitcase had some great wizard card printables for the chocolate frog.


I promised you that I would give you some free Honeydukes sweet packet labels and here they are!

You should only need to right click on the images and save them to your desktop and then print them.  I suggest you print them on cardboard as I did to give it a little more structure.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 honeydukes labels

If you make these please let me know. I’d love to know how they turned out.

Bright blessings,

Mama R


29 thoughts on “Free Honeydukes labels

  1. Thanks for the honeydukes print out books amillion (i run the cafe) is doing a midnight release party for the new book and i get to decorate the cafe like hogsmeade now if i child findwitch brooms in July


  2. You have some amazing ideas on here. My niece is Harry Potter mad and is having a HP birthday sleepover. I’m going to use some of your ideas to make goodie bags,.
    Thank you so much for sharing, you’ve made my job so much easier.
    Tracy x


  3. These are by far the best honey dukes labels I’ve seen! I’ll be using these for my sons Harry Potter Birthday party coming up! Thank you for all your hard work and making it so easy for me! 😂


  4. Hi!

    These candy labels are really cool! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I am going to use these for the candy at my own birthday party, but I have included some other types of candy as well and I was wondering; What font did you use? I cannot find anyone that really resembles it.



    1. Hi Maja & Mrs Robertson,
      The labels are great and I would also like to create additional ones using the same font – did you manage to find it Maja? I’ve had a look with no luck. Thanks!


  5. Amazing labels! Quick question, did you print out the Bertie Botts boxes on regular 8.5×11 printer paper? If not, what size did you use? Thank you!


    1. I used card stock although I’m not sure on the thickness. It was A4 size. I’m sorry I don’t know the US conversion but it’s the same size as the regular printer paper you get in a huge ream of like 500 sheets. The cardstock came in a pack of 50 sheets. Hope that helps. x


  6. can the name of the candy be edited? I have some other candies I am using. I see you gave use a blank one but i was not able to she how to add words to it?


    1. I’m afraid not because I don’t have the facilities to do this. I would recommend that you type the name of the candy you want to use ensuring it is the correct size. You can then cut out and stick these onto the labels. Or, once you’ve cut out and stuck the name of the candy that you’ve printed out onto the printed out label, scan them in and print them that way. Good luck with it


  7. I printed one Honeyduke’s label in the center of a piece of thin printer paper and used it to make a bag that I filled with other labels and some cellophane so it looked like someone had a candy pig-out. It was so cute, put it in a HP journal I gave to my granddaughter.


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