Brag Bag!

Hello my lovelies,

I am so proud of my new bag.


It’s a Calypso Rose or Clippy London Photo tote bag that I picked up brand new with tags at a car boot sale for 15p. I am not even joking! I couldn’t snap it up fast enough!


I saw these beauties being sold in Harrods a few years ago and really wanted one but wasn’t prepared at the time to pay the £25 price tag for one so I thought I’d wait and ask for one as a birthday gift.  Or course I forgot.  But when I saw it going BRAND NEW with tags at a car boot sale, I was prepared to splurge and then was told it was 15p!  Serious bargain!

I wanted to get a liner for my bag but didn’t like the colours of their basic liners so decided to sew myself one.  I’m so proud of how it turned out and I love the navy and white polka dots.

I cut my pics to fit and voila! A brag bag!

Super proud of it and it makes me smile too, so that’s a bonus.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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