Ollivanders wand box

Hello my lovelies,

I’m so geeked about today’s craft. It took a while to do but its the perfect accompaniment to the wand I made the last week to go in her Hogwarts delivery.  This will be in use during our Hogwarts Holiday at Home program during the half term break and summer holidays.


I wasn’t about to reinvent the wheel so I followed the instructions from a tutorial on YouTube from a crafter called PSiren28 check out her tutorial here. for how to make the box.

I then painted it inside and out with black acrylic paint and allowed it to dry.

This was very difficult to photograph since I was so busy making it so I hope my instructions will suffice.

Once it was dry, I cut pieces of fabric to fit into the lid and base. I wanted the fabric in the base to drape and sort of look full so I useda fairly large piece and played with it until it looked right. Once I had a piece of fabric I was happy would fit, I put clear PVA glue in the base and lid and inserted the fabric.

While these were drying I printed off the box labels from SugiAi and Catholic All Year

The I cut them out and glued them on.


Allow the labels to dry and voila! You’re all done!

I just love that glittery fabric!  A little witchlet has gotta have some bling, right?

Don’t forget to keep checking back because I’ve got some great tutorials coming up in keeping with the Hogwarts Holiday at Home program.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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