Create a successful week ahead!

Happy Sunday my lovelies!

Sunday’s are always blissful and most people want to make the most of their Sunday’s before Manic Monday.  Ever noticed though, how if Monday is a stressful miserable nightmare the rest of the week follows suit?  So it makes sense then to do everything in your power to make Monday as stress free and easy as you possibly can.


The first thing you need to do is have a little think about what things usually go wrong on a Monday or what things are a particular stressor to you?  Or you can just pick from my list below and get as many of these done today (on a Sunday evening) so you’ve set yourself up for a successful week ahead.

1. Get a meal in your slow cooker and set the slowcooker’s timer so you’ve got dinner all ready for when you get home on Monday evening.

2. Get your laundry washed and put away.  This way, you can do the next step.

3. Choose your outfit for tomorrow.  Or better yet, take 15 mintues and choose your outfits for the week and put them in front of all your other clothes in your wardrobe. Make sure each hanger has underwear and accessories too.  This way getting dressed in the morning is a no brainer.

4. Make your packed lunch for Monday and place it in the fridge ready to grab the next morning for work.  This not only saves money at work but saves time standing in queues at the cafe trying to get your lunch and eat it before your lunch break is over.

5. If you’re a stay at home mum, take the time to prepare healthy snacks like boiled eggs, chopped carrot batons, washed and prepared fruit or crudites, cooked chopped chicken pieces ready for snacks for you and the kids. You could also, if you feel up to it, bake something nutritious for a healthy treat too. The makings of a picnic are there and ready should the weather accomodate.  If you’re feeling extra energetic get your snacks prepared for the week!  That way you’ll always have something healthy on hand when the 3pm hunger pangs strike.

6. Check what’s in your fridge and do a quick menu plan for the week. Keep it simple!

7. Then do a quick online grocery shopping and get it delivered at an appropriate time later in the week.

Some of these things might not be a huge priority for you but believe me, doing most of these really makes for a successful week ahead.  Like I said before, if Monday goes well the rest of the week generally plays along.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Mama R



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