Hogwarts Holiday at Home program series

Hello my lovelies,


After reading some delightful articles on other blogs about parents preparing Hogwarts days at home for their kids, I decided to do something similar for DD.  Our school holidays this year are going to be very different from previous years because we’ll be going to Disneyland Paris and France for two weeks of them but I don’t want that to stop us from having fun!

DD has watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone a few times and has been thrilled with Hogwarts.  When we go to the supermarket, she pretends the shopping cart is the Hogwarts express and has great fun making train noises and pretending that the end of the aisles are the Platform 9 3/4  invisible entrance to get on the Hogwarts express.  She has quite the imagination as I’m sure you can tell.

So anyway, I decided to create my own Hogwarts Holiday Home Program where on about 3 days we’ll do Hogwarts classes such as Potions (simple science experiments), Herbology (creating a fairy garden, gardening and planting out flowers) and a walk in the Forbidden Forest (our local woods).   I’m not 100% sure of all the ‘classes’ and activities we’re going to do yet but the entire program is going to start off with an owl delivery/royal mail delivery.

It’s going to be a delivery from Hogwarts inside which will be a few things I’ve crafted for her. Everything will be the essential tools that a young witch or wizard will need for the Hogwarts Holiday Home Program.


What’s in the box will only be revealed later on my blog and so will my specific ideas and activities for DD.  But here are some great articles for you to glean some inspiration.

Harry Potter Camp ideas

Harry Potter summer camp ideas

Harry Potter science experiments

Harry Potter classroom activities

Watch this space for more wizard worthy ideas and crafts for setting up your own Harry Potter Holiday at Home program.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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