An Easter visit to Denbies wine estate 

Happy Easter, my lovelies!

This morning after darling daughter; who will henceforth be known as DD or Darling Dynamite had embarked upon her Easter egg hunt and we’d had breakfast we were at a loss as to how to spend the rest of our day. Being Easter Sunday the shops and most other attractions are shut but I did find that Denbies wine farm was open. They were running wine tours as well as a bee spotting trail. Since Denbies is only 34 minutes away from us we decided to visit. We weren’t expecting much to be honest and were very surprised to find a handsome estate with so much to do.

After the bee trail which was a bit like a scavenger hunt and only cost £2.50 per child we decided to do the wine tour.

Wow! Is all I can say. It was a lighthearted tour with an excellent tour guide who was not only knowledgeable but also had a rather dry sense of humour which as me chuckling more than once.

We tasted 3 excellent wines, of which the red wast favourite. I’m not a red wine fan but thoroughly enjoyed the light bodied flavour of this deliciously quaffable bacchanalian treat. Since the tour guide knew that 4 year old DD would be joining she made sure there was in her words, ‘Waitrose finest’ red grape juice ready for her to sip while we tasted our wine.

After the tasting part, we enjoyed a fantastic but cold ‘train’ ride around the estate.

Again, they couldn’t have found a better guide. Witty and funny he kept us all enthralled as he regaled us with facts and funny anecdotes about the estate history.

  Thankfully I had the foresight to pack some snacks for DD who was hungry and sat happily munching on the journey.

We were excited to hear that the estate has public bridle ways through it and welcomes walkers for free.

We were all cold and hungry after the train drive and were grateful to see the restaurant. They offered hot roast lunches as well as lighter fare and excellent children’s pick and mix lunches. DD was delighted to pick her own lunch and us adults were even more delighted with our succulent roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables.

The beautifully warm and sunny conservatory was set with lights, perfect for the weddings held there. It must look magical at night.

One alcove even had this  clever champagne glass chandelier which I’ve decided needs to go in my dining room.

Tummies full, we headed to the farm shop and plant nursery to get some vegetables for dinner.

DD just had to have her picture taken by this old wagon.

And I was very jealous of this gorgeous barrow. I’d love one similar to use as a sweetie wagon for DD’s birthday later this year.

We had a lovely day at Denbies wine estate and have promised not to be strangers. We’re already planning a return and DH and I were saying that the B&B would be a lovely place for a weekend getaway. *wink wink *

Bright blessings,

Mama R

The swish family Robertson


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