All about me lapbook

Hello my lovelies,

I’m excited to show you our first lapbook!


I found all the components at and I would highly recommend this website.  There are LOADS of great lapbooks here.

I should mention, that since I’m in the UK and a cheapskate, I didn’t want to order really expensive file folders from the US. So I just used a plain old document wallet


I slit the top of the flap section and then cut off these little flappy bits. I kept the folds as is.


It was so easy to put this lapbook together.  My DD is 4 years old and still working on her cutting skills, so I cut out and assembled all the components while she was at school.

I should probably mention here that I am not a homeschooler.  My DD is in a mainstream school BUT and this is a BIG BUT, I have realised that if I want her to get a rounded education I need to take a very active role in her schooling.  I will not rely on a teacher who has 29 other pupils to worry about to be my child’s sole educator  I also do not believe that a school only  based syllabus is right for my child.  That is why I also home educate through play, sensory activities and what I call real living learning.  Which are things that can only be learned through living every day life such as baking, cooking, time management, listening and knowing your body etc.

But I digress! Back to the lapbook!

This is inside the front flap.


underneath the mirror, DD can draw a self portrait here


An address book in a little sleeve. DD will write down some information here and draw a picture of the contact.


As this is an American lapbook, the money is american dollars but DD doesn’t know that! She has to write inside the note what she would do with 1,5,20, 100 dollars/pounds.


The middle section of the lapbook looks like this.

We’re going to talk about the town where we live.


DD can draw a picture of our house and from our discussion about our town we’ll write a few simple facts about our town such as population.


I just loved this little booklet!  I’m going to interview DD and write down her answers here.


Some of the questions are so cute, and I’m sure there will be some corkers for answers!


Years from now, this lapbook will be great to go back to for a laugh.  I think I’ll keep it in her memory folder once it’s done.


And I’ve just had a great idea!  I could do one of these every year to see how the answers and facts have changed.

I suprise myself sometimes with my genius.


In the next flap DD can write what things she does on each day of the week.


There’s also a little card called our family picture that I forgot to take a photo of, where DD can draw a family portrait.

After taking these pictures, I was able to get a hold of some split pins and I replaced the ribbon on these little fun tickets. This is where DD will be able to write down things she wants to do that she thinks are fun.


The next side flap.

Of course DD doesn’t have a signature yet but she will write her name there.


This little house is really cute and has lots of opportunities for writing…


4 slots for writing some of her favourite books.  Not sure this is going to be enough space though! She has a lot of favourite books!


I have a feeling she’s going to have a lot to say about what she wants to do when she’s an adult!


I taped a piece of cardboard onto the back cover of the lapbook so that it made a flap to lift up giving us an opportunity for more activities.  This is on the back flap.


and it opens like this into a pyramid.

Please excuse my gnarly, winter nasty hands!


You can see how the black flap is joined on.

We’re going to cut out some clothes from fabric to glue onto the figurine.


Another opportunity to practice writing some of her favourite things down.


This little slot has some cute cards in where she can either write or draw pictures of her some of her favourite things.  I love that these have prompts.


This vital statistics booklet is super cute.


There’s a space to use an ink pad and document DD’s fingerprints which I think is the cutest idea ever!


It will be great, if we do one of these every year to see how much DD’s grown.


This timeline activity is great for working on sequencing.


I can work with DD to put the slips of information in sequence order and staple them onto the timeline.


I’m super stoked with this lapbook. Not only is DD going to have fun learning but it was great fun to put together too.

Once we are done with it, I’ll be sure to make a video to post.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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