The highs and lows of January

January was a more spirited month than than I’ve had for a January in years.

The dreaded Winter blues hadn’t caught up with me (at that stage) and I had goals and plans that were burning a hole in my brain.  I had to get started and boy did I!

After I got a hold of my Shining 2015 year planner from Leonie Dawson and I plotted out some of my year I felt great.

I had a whole list of mini goals for January.  And I achieved them all!

  1. Set financial goals for 2015
  2. Find meditations to listen to – I found them but haven’t listened to them yet!
  3. Schedule in exercise – I scheduled it in but didn’t actually do any yet!
  4. Put goals onto a bookmark and place in my planner – it’s working well
  5. Make advances with my shining 2015 year planner – I’m almost done!
  6. Print Christmas photographs – Our Christmas picture album has been updated and is looking great
  7. Start 1MAD diet – I started but stopped after a few days but then started on my own plan
  8. Homework planning – I have some great educational stuff planned for my daughter’s homework
  9. Endeavour to be calmer with my daughter and not use yelling as my go to parenting tool – I think I’m getting better!
  10. Update family cookbook – done!
  11. Declutter tupperware cupboard – done!
  12. Arrange birthday coffee and cake morning – it was lovely!
  13. Schedule in date night – done!
  14. Date my daughter – we had a lovely posh tea at a local vintage tea room

I’m quite proud of my achievements in January. It was a pretty hectic month with the things going on but for the first time in a few years I didn’t get the dreaded Winter Blues.

I even dropped 6 lbs! Woo hoo!

Enter February.

And guess what…. I’ve just realised that lack of sleep can catapault you into the winter blues.

For no reason that I can fathom, I am struggling with insomnia.  For the past two and a half weeks.  This is despite taking an over-the-counter one a night sleeping pill.  I find I battle to get to sleep and if I do sleep for a bit I wake up and can’t get back to sleep. If I do sleep, it’s a really shallow sleep – kind of like 40 winks.  Anyway, lack of sleep is causing me no end of trouble. My energy levels are screwed and I’m craving coffee, carbs and sugar just to stay awake. Nevermind having enough energy to get doing half of what I’ve got to be doing.

Hence why I’m sitting on the sofa, typing this and watching Death in Paradise having just scoffed toasted crumpets with butter and jam and a giant cup of coffee!

It’s no wonder then that I’ve gained 2 lbs.

Of course, thinking about it, I haven’t set out my goals for February. I can hardly think straight from tiredness.  Maybe I should make another giant cup of coffee and goal set. It might spur me into action.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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