Frosted light jars

With Halloween well and truly over and Christmas just around the corner it’s time to decorate my mantel again.  I wanted to bring the outside in while still trying to keep some green to remind me that there are still ever greens out there this time of year.  I’m still in the process of decorating it so I can’t show you that yet but I can share a little craft I did.

These frosted light jars were soooooooo easy to make.  You can hardly call this a craft and I specifically didn’t call this post a tutorial cos there’s hardly any instructions. It’s just so dead easy.

 Don’t they looks all festive yet not festive?  They remind me of the frosty mornings still to come and the evergreen of the holly and ivy.


Here’s how you make them.

 Thoroughly wash some jars and remove the labels and glue.  Dry thoroughly. Paint generously with modge podge then roll in epsom salts.  Sprinkle epsom salts onto any bald areas.  Allow to dry then tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar.

 That’s it!  Super easy!


Yet so effective.

Bright blessings,

 Mama R



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