Elf antics planner 2014

Hello my lovelies,

 I’ve had some people asking what kinds of things the elf gets up to during the month so I’ve put together a list of what our elf will get up to this month.


  • 1 December – North Pole breakfast and elf brings advent calendar
  • 2 December – Elf leaves the Christmas tree and decorations and we decorate the tree
  • 3 December – Elf leaves a basket of our Christmas story books to read eElf very night
  • 4 December – Elf writes ‘Have a great day’ on the medicine chest mirror with lipstick
  • 5 December – The elf leaves gold chocolate coins as a gift with some tricky words for testing
  • 6 December – Elf plays cards with barbie dolls
  • 7 December – Elf pants the tree (hangs knickers on the tree)
  • 8 December – Elf plants tic tacs in some sugar
  • 9 December – Elf tp’s the passage and Christmas tree
  • 10 December – Elf has a snowball fight with teddies
  • 11 December – Elf wraps DD’s bowl, spoon and dining room chair in wrapping paper
  • 12 December – Candy canes appear in place of the tic tacs like they’ve magically grown!
  • 13 December – Elf gets trapped in the cereal box after adding mini marshmallows
  • 14 December – Elf tp’s the christmas tree
  • 15 December – Elf turns a pint of milk in teh fridge pink
  • 16 December – Elf is found fishing in the fish tank
  • 17 December – Elf has a tea party with the princess dolls
  • 18 December – Elf leaves money for the school Christmas fair
  • 19 December – Elf makes snow angels in icing sugar and leaves ingredients to bake
  • 20 December – Elf leaves a gingerbread house kit
  • 21 December – Elf is found wearing a tiara riding with cinderella to the ball in a carriage
  • 22 December – Elf is found hiding in the fruit bowl
  • 23 December – Elf leaves tickets for a pantomime
  • 24 December – Elf leaves a Christmas eve hamper and a note to say she’ll be back next year.

 What does your elf get up to?

Bright blessings,

 Mama R



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