Halloween light jars

Hello my lovelies,

DD and I kept really busy on Monday.  We not only baked the Moist Banana Bread I posted about yesterday we also decorated our mantle for Halloween.

I had been taking a tea break and browsing a Christmas Facebook group that I joined when I saw someone had used paper napkins and modge podge to do some gorgeous glass jars for Christmas.  I remembered I had a few halloween napkins in the  halloween boxes of decorations and knew exactly what to do with them.


I think they came out fabulous! It kept DD and I busy for quite a while cutting out the napkins and painting with the modge podge.  They are super duper easy to do.SONY DSC

 You just cut out your images from the napkins. Then use a little modge podge to stick the images to the glass jars wherever you want to place them. Then GENTLY – I cannot stress this enough –  dab the modge podge onto the napkin images on your jar generously.  REMEMBER do this VERY, VERY GENTLY or your napkin images will tear like DD’s jar in the front. She was so proud of it that I didn’t have the heart to try to help her to get it perfect. Because she doesn’t need it to be perfect that’s just my perfectionism coming through!

Here they are placed in situ in my entrance hall.


Doesn’t this little guy look like the Cheshire cat?


Bright blessings,

Mama R



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