10 ways with Limes

I got a glut of limes from the supermarket for 29p for the bag.  I must admit I had festive tipples in mind when I bought them. *smiles sheepishly*


When I got home I immediately:

 1. Chopped up 6 limes into chunks and froze them into a labelled zip lock bag for use in gin and tonics.

 2.  I also chopped some up into small quartered slices and stuck them in ice cube trays, filled them up with water froze them.  The ice cubes come out glistening with gorgeous green lime bits and make drinks look really festive.

 Then I got to wondering what else I could do with the limes.  Then I thought of.

 3.  Margaritas! Need I say more?

 4. And Limeade, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

 5.  Oooh!  And Guacamole!

 6.  And salsa!   Which can be served with the guacamole with tortilla chips as a snack with drinks or make it into nachos for a meal.

 7.  Cleaning!  Lime can be used in any what the you would use lemon to clean with.

 8.  And for dessert?  How about Key Lime Pie?

 9. How about Lime-oncello spritzers?

 10. And because I’m always thinking of Christmas you can always dry out some limes to go with your dried oranges.  Place these on a platter with some battery operated lights and you’ve got a gorgeous festive decoration. If you wanna learn how to make these head over to dried flower craft.


Bright blessings,

Mama R



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