Camp Funshine update and Christmas aprons

Hello my lovelies,

Today has been a difficult day.

My daughter is testing her limits at the moment and driving me pretty much insane.  Nevertheless we had a craft day today.  She was given all sorts of little crafty make and do things for her birthday and after our trip to the shops, and I figured since we couldn’t go play outside, crafting was a good idea.

 This is one of the spoon people she made…


and this is her Christmas apron that I made!  And of course when you ask your kid who’s acting out to please smile…. she closes her eyes and makes a face!


I made one for myself last night so now we Mommy and Me matching Christmas aprons all ready for our holiday baking.

I’m probably not going to get to do as many Camp Funshine posts as I wanted to because I’m just not getting a chance to post what with keeping DD occupied!

 Yes, I know I’m a mad person but I have been thinking of Christmas and have already bought all of my daughter’s gifts and am now working on DH and MIL’s gifts.  I’ve done my Christmas menues and just have to make up a grocery list.

 Yes I know, I’m crazy!

 Bright blessings,

 Mama R



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