Camp funshine update

Camp Funshine has been put on the back burner a bit as life has been busy what with renovations and preparations for my daughters birthday party.  Now that the party is over we are trying to get back to normal – well what passes for normal around here anyway.

 Today at Camp Funshine DD and I did our daily routines and tidied our home and then had a Mommy and Daughter outing!

 We got on the train and took a trip to a bigger town than ours and did some shopping using the vouchers that she was given as her birthday gift. DD grows like a beanstalk so she really needed clothes. H&M has loads of things on 3 for 2 at the moment and I got her some basics.   We had a Macdonald’s lunch and browsed in all the shops.  Truth be told I was browsing around to see if anything has come in for Christmas but there isn’t much about yet.

It wa a lovely day out and we got back truly worn out and ready for dinner.


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