Camp Funshine Day 7 & 8

This week seems to have been all about friends!

I had loads planned but we’ve had one impromptu visit after the next and it’s been lovely to see friends and catch up.   I’m so glad that DD is getting to play with her friends.  Yesterday we had a friend round in the morning with her son and in the afternoon we made a DIY Slip ‘n Slide!


It was really easy and just involved a large piece of plastic sheeting, some water and a little washing up liquid.  You could just lay the plastic down an incline of grass or you could push the plastic under a slide like I’ve done here. Either way, it’s FUN!


 Today, we had another friend and her two children here to play.  The kids enjoyed playing with the scented play dough we made a few days ago.   It keeps incredibly well in the fridge.   The kids played lego, paddled in the paddling pool and played on the swings.  Now they’ve gone home, DD and I are relaxing in anticipation of tonight’s barbecue.

 Ah, don’t you just love Summer?

 Bright blessings,

 Mama R



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