Cake decorating – Sofia the first birthday cake

My very good friend brought me her cake decorating kit yesterday.  We’re talking a magical kit of many wonders.   And since the same dear friend was taking my daughter to her house today to play with her three kids I got stuck in to making the many decorating components of DD’s birthday cake.

Presenting the Amulet of Avalor!


I am super pleased with how it came out and think it’s going to look great on the top tier of DD’s birthday cake.   Kind of like this cake from Salt Cake City.  I do think mine is better though but I am a little biased.


The flowers will go on the bottom cake later which is supposed to look like Sofia’s skirt.


And then these beautiful pearls will be used to decorate the bodice on either side of the amulet an dalso to decorate where the two cakes join and where the cake meets the cake board like in this cake below from Second Street.


The top layers have been baked and are in the freezer. The bottom layers will be baked in the next few days and will join the others until a couple of days before the party when I’ll take them out to defrost.  All the icing elements have been made and will be put together the night before.  I’m getting psyched about this cake now!

 Bright blessings,

 Mama R



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