Camp Funshine Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Camp Funshine.

First I needed to get some groceries.  DD came with me and we had fun playing Simon Says to get the groceries in the trolley.  As a Spirited child it can be a real struggle doing the shopping with her but I made sure I took some snacks and water with us in her backpack.  I let her hold my list and once I’d chosen an item from the shelves she got to put them in the trolley. As a treat, she got to choose sausage rolls for lunch.

Once I’d gotten home and unpacked everything while she ate lunch, it was time to have fun.

I got out all the craft supplies we’d need and we got busy making our camp signs:


Somewhere for us to display our artwork


DD will get stars on her chart for helping out in the house, attitude, dressing herself and learning to wipe herself on the toilet (requirements for school), keeping her room tidy with my help of course. Once she has 10 stars in each category, she will get a camp badge.  Kind of like in Brownies.


Please excuse the vile wall paper.  We are busy renovating and still need to get rid of such eyesores!

 We had fun preparing for our camp and can’t wait for tomorrow.

 Bright blessings,

 Mama Rx


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