Planning Camp Funshine

The Summer school holidays begin tomorrow and my little girl is a little live wire!  She needs to be doing things or she climbs the walls and drives me nuts!

While watching a video on youtube I got the idea for a holiday camp at home. This works well for us as it doesn’t require a lot of money just some planning and imagination.

 Enter, Camp Funshine!

The swish family Robertson

 I made a simple table in Microsoft Word and first filled in any plans that had already been made then I started to come up with ideas for fun!SONY DSC

I did this for every week of the school holidays and at the same time I wrote a separate document with everything I would need in terms of art supplies or baking supplies for each day.

Each week we are learning about a different country and making crafts and foods from that country.  For instance on Hawaii day later this week I have planned:

1.  Making lei’s from crepe paper

2. Attaching crepe paper flowers onto a headband

3. We have a grass skirt from a dressing up costume my daughter already has so we will be donning our homemade lei and headband and learning to hula dance via a youtube video.

4. While we are crafting I have made a playlist of hawaiian music for us to listen to.

5.  That night we’ll be having an Hawaiian bbq.

 Each day has a routine where we get up, dress and make our beds before we leave the room. Then we head to the Mess hall to make breakfast together.  After breakfast plan to play some of Flylady’s Up Kind of Day album and my daughter will help me to do the choes.  While I know that I will get things done faster without her, she needs to learn these very important life skills. So better now than me having to struggle to get a recalcitrant teenager to help with anything.

 I have loads of other things planned like trips to the library, the local museum, water play, sensory games and things to make with recipes for gak, oobleck and shaving cream bath paint. DD got to give her input as to what foods we made for some of the days. It’s gonna be so fun!



I’m looking foward to this camp because when my daughter is settled well at school I will need to look for a part time job and probably won’t have the luxury or spending the school holidays with my baby girl.

 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s camp fun!

 Bright blessings

 Mama R



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