Getting crafty – upcycled photo frames

I love a bargain!

So when I saw two sets of photo frames (with 2 frames in each) going for 50p each, I just had to have them.  I didn’t like that they were red in colour and I had intended on modge podging them.

So I put them on the kitchen counter when I got home with a paint pot sample that I wanted to try out on the walls in the living room of our cottage once the wall paper is taken down.  The frames sat there for days until yesterday afternoon.  I walked past the frames and the paint sample…then back tracked and inspiration hit!

I laid down some newspaper and got painting and this is what I landed up with.


I’m really pleased with the result and now I just need to print another 3 photographs in black and white to go in the frames.

I’m super amazed that I didn’t think about using tester pots on small paint projects before.  They only cost around 99p and even though this tester pot had been opened and some used, it was still enough to paint 4 photo frames back and front.  Spray paint costs around £7.49 a can and if it’s only a small project then it’s not really cost effective.  But now that I know about tester pots… project changing moment!

The cost for this project has been £1.00 for the frames and a little elbow grease.   I will have to pay for photographs to be printed too so I’d say this will probably cost in the region of £3. Not bad!

Thanks for reading,

Mama R



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