How to make an Irish Coffee

There is nothing better to warm your cockles on a chilly winter’s evening than a  rich and creamy Irish Coffee.  And while a purist Irishman may beat me senseless for such sacrilige as wasting good whisky on such  a silly drink I can only beg forgiveness and carry on regardless!


You will need 3 irish coffee glasses – to make 3 irish coffees of course!

 double cream

 decaff coffee


 Whisky of your choice

 Freshly boiled kettle of water

 hot chocolate for sprinkling

 Place a teaspoon of decaff coffee (you’ll want more than one of these believe me and normal coffee will keep you up all night!) and as many sugars as you prefer into an irish coffee glass.  Then pour in whisky as you prefer.  I usually have half a tot while hubby likes a whole tot. Then stir well.


Add hot water until the glass is nearly full.  Now comes the tricky part.   Place the teaspoon round side up inside the rim of the glass so that the tip of the spoon is touching the inside of the rim.  Now pour the cream in a slow stream over the spoon.  If you try to just pour the cream in without doing it over the spoon the cream will just sink to the bottom of the coffee and you’ll have a normal yet creamy coffee with added whisky.  This method ensures the cream stays mostly on the top.

{re}purposed mind Irish coffee

~Apologies the picture is a bit blurry. But anway, once you’ve added as much cream as you like sprinkle with a little hot chocolate to decorate then enjoy immediately!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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