DIY Frozen Elsa Dress


I’d like to say that I had so much fun sewing this dress but truth be told it was a little bit of a nightmare!  There are a number of reasons for this


Firstly, I designed the pattern myself which lent itself to a load of issues with fitting.  Then I was using two fabrics I’d never used before.  The blue stretch velour was so annoying to work with and since I didn’t have much of it, I had to get creative with how I cut it whilst making sure the fabric did not stretch out of shape.  Then there was the gauzy fabric for the cape… it was so flimsy it kept threatening to pull away from the stitches!

Once I’d sewn it, I was really unhappy with how it was hanging on DD so I took it to Meemaw who is a veteran wedding dress seamstress and she was able to sort out the issue with it in no time!

The cold never bothered me anyway!


It came out great once the issues were sorted and DD just loves it!

 That’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

 Thanks for reading,

 Mama R



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