Easy Peasy Thai Green Curry and harvesting seeds

*This post is from my previous blog*

I adore Thai Green curry and until I found Sharwoods Thai Green curry sachets I hated making it from scratch.  It was just too time consuming and there were strange things like lemon grass that I couldn’t find at my local morrisons and always had to make a special trip to Sainsbury’s.  When I see the Sharwoods Thai Green curry paste sachets on sale, I stock up because, while I may not make this in the Summer, it’s hearty and warming in Autumn and Winter.


Easy Peasy Thai Green Curry

 1 red pepper, seeds removed and reserved (I’ll show you why later) and chopped into chunks

1 yellow pepper, seeds removed and reserved (I’ll show you why later) and chopped into chunks

1 medium red onion, roughly chopped

1 pack chicken filleted thighs, chopped

a splodge of olive oil

1 chicken oxo cube

1 sachet Sharwoods Thai Green Curry paste

1 tin coconut milk

 In a wok, heat up the oil and fry your chicken pieces until just browned.  Add the chopped vegetables and fry until the onion is translucent looking.  Add the stock cube. Add the Thai Green curry paste and stir through.  Then add the coconut milk.  Once you’ve added the coconut milk you may start to worry because it will look something like this curdled mess below.


Rest assured the coconut has not curdled it has only solidified in the can and will mix into the curry nicely to make a gorgeous creamy sauce.  Stir to combine then set the heat to low and allow to simmer gently for about 5 minutes.  Enjoy served on a bed of cooked rice of your choice.  I do prefer Jasmine rice for this but ordinary long grain rice will do just as nicely.

Now remember I said I’d tell you why you’re reserving the bell pepper seeds?

One afternoon while chopped peppers for dinner I realised that I was an idiot.  I’d just bought a packet of bell pepper seeds from the garden centre with all the other vegetable seeds I wanted to plant when I had a ready supply at my fingertips!  Why waste perfectly good seeds?


It’s easy peasy to harvest the seeds from a bell pepper. You just chop out the core with the parts with all the seeds and gently rub your fingers along the seeds to brush them off into a waiting saucer. Dry them out on a windowsill for later use.


Some varieties of peppers have smaller seeds that are darker in colour and some are larger and white.  Place the seeds on the windowsill for a couple of weeks to dry out so they don’t get mouldy, then place into a labelled envelope and store until you’re ready to plant them.  See? Easy!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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