Celebrating Mabon

Mabon is the time of year to give thanks for the harvest and bounty of blessings in our lives. The harvest will have been brought in and in days of old people would be enjoying a party to celebrate after the hard work.   Mabon which is the fall equinox and Michelmas are coming up to on the 21st and 29th respectively.

While I may not practice any kind of specific religion I do enjoy celebrating the seasons and what they represent in our lives.  I do not have elaborate rituals and plans at this time of year as I find myself battening down the hatches for Winter but I do like to celebrate in my own quiet way like  with grocery shopping and menu plan will include seasonal foods and lots of lovely crockpot casseroles and soups.

There are many ways to celebrate Mabon, at this time of year I find myself counting my blessings and remembering to be thankful for what I have.  I also find it’s a good time to review what I have achieved during the year, however small the achievement.

My kitchen windowsill is like my altar.  It’s not for magical purposes or anything like but rather where I place things for that season that help to cheer me up and inspire me.

During the summer, my kitchen windowsill is filled with herbs, lovely fruity scented candles and some of my favourite crockery.  In Autum, I like to dedicate my windowsill to the earth. It reminds me to be grateful for the plenty in my life and sets the stage for the cooking I do around this time. I’m not sure how this altar will look this year as I have read that there have been various problems with the pumpkin and gourd harvest but I will hopefully be visiting my local farm, Priory farm to buy my seasonal decor to enjoy on my windowsill.

Some items you may find on my windowsill might be a corn dolly, some flowers in significant colours such as red, yellow, black, purple and orange. Fresh produce takes pride of place with gourds, pomegranates, apples and oranges tumbling out of a cornucopia.

Autumn is my favourite time for cooking.  Without even realising it I have made the same recipes for the past few years and they have become my traditions.

Waitrose handed out recipe cards one year for their French Onion Soup around this time and I made it and fell in love.  It is just so gorgeously tasty and I have been known to make batches of it to freeze for lunches during the autumn and winter.


They also had a recipe that same year for  for Sauteed chicken and cider and tarragon.  If you have not tried it, you do not know what you are missing.  I make it at least once a year in Autumn. It’s not the most low calorie recipe but my goodness it’s soooooo delicious!


What do you do to celebrate the start of the season?

I’ll be posting later in this week about battening down the hatches for winter, I hope you’ll join me.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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