DD’s bedroom make over

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share my Make do & Mend toddler’s bedroom. I’ve tried as much as possible to use materials I already had to create this room but some items were thrifted from a charity shop or car boot. In fact, quite a few items were bought at a car boot sale for nearly nothing.

 My little girl (DD) is now 2 years old and her bedroom was still a nursery.  Pretty but impractical for an exploring mind.  I wanted a bedroom for her that was educational and colourful.  DD loves colours and animals too.  While the colours are unisex and sometimes boyish, I have tried to keep the room feminine too. So here it is.  I’ve still got to do some art for her bedroom walls but I think the room is looking really good.

 Alphabet bunting made from fabric that was used for the Yellow Brick Road at her birthday party (pictures to follow); red fabric from my stash and polka dot fabric bought for half price on ebay for £2 per metre.


Alphabet letters were embroidered onto the bunting using blue wool leftover from the blanket DD’s Nana crochet for her. The numbers toy hamper was bought as a set of 2 for £1 for both at a car boot sale.  This wall still has a lot of decorating to go as it is looking a bit bare.  I’m not really sure what it will be decorated with at the moment but I think it will have something to do with the 3 square blank canvases I bought at Poundland. Behind the cot you can see the adjustable toddler bed that was left behind by the previous tenants.  DD will ultimately migrate to this bed where she will use the large duvet I made for her using fabric that was thrifted from a charity shop for £3.50


Crochet blanket that Nana made for her and the other toy hamper which will be used as a laundry basket.


Instead of buying a toddler duvet cover I made a duvet cover for DD’s existing cot quilt that I made for her when I was pregnant.  The fabric was found at a charity shop for £3.  The yellow fabric was part of the fabric used for the yellow brick road from her birthday party (pictures to follow) and some red fabric from my stash.  The Zebra print was purchased from a local habedashery shop.  It makes up part of the pillowcase and the back of the duvet cover.  I think it’s the only thing I paid full price for at £3.50 per metre.  The blue sheet was re-purposed from a double bed fitted sheet and made to fit a single bed.


I’m really proud of this cushion cover.  I used some leftover fabric from the duvet cover to make it using an envelope cushion cover pattern.  The wired ribbon for the flower was from ribbon that DD’s Aunty Nic used to wrap her birthday present.  I like the way it’s been repurposed and is still special.


This is the first lampshade I’ve ever covered.  The blue and red spotted fabric is a scrap from the Cath Kidston fabric I got at Ikea. The red and white spotted fabric is from my scrap pile.  The bobbles are from my ribbon stash.


The curtains shown here were part of a cream curtain set that weren’t wide enough for this length of window.  I added the yellow pieces from the Yellow brick road fabric and used fabric scraps for the top ties. Scraps of leftover zebra print are used for the edges and bunting tie backs. I love the fact that the tie backs have numbers embroidered onto them and buttons from my stash. The cubes on the wall were found at a car boot sale and were pink before I sprayed them red.  The Curious George monkey was a birthday gift from Lass called Kass and the owl was made by me as a plushie when she was younger.  The little bunny is called Mr Flopsy and was the first present we ever received when we were pregnant.


And last but not least the uplighter.  This was originally a plain white uplighter that I covered with the yellow fabric and hot glued the trim onto it. DD loves telling me that it’s a ‘Cewcuw’. I think she means circle. lol!


I think it’s looking good so far. I’d love to hear your comments

Bright blessings

Mama R



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