Shabby Chic union jack cushion cover

***update:  my now decommissioned old blog was {re}purposed mind***

Look what I made!


I’ve envied the pretty shabby chic union jack pillows you see at the boutique shops.  I just couldn’t justify the boutique prices.  So today after taking DD to the doctor only for him to tell me she’s got a vomitting bug (no shit Sherlock!) and cleaning and cleaning some more I rewarded myself with a little time to sew.  Et voila!  And all made from recycled fabric and trimmings.  Get me!

This little beauty will be going on my bed in my Pride and Prejudice inspired bedroom.   I’ve still got loads to do on the bedroom makeover but I’m getting there slowly.  I found two lovely sets of pillow cushions on sale at our local linen store, one pink set and one white.  I think they’ll make a great contrast to the duvet cover I hope to get done tonight.

Tomorrow it’s cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  Again! It never ends!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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