Easy Peasy Pizza

Morning everyone!

If you’re like me, you’re taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having in Britain this week. And with lovely weather and eating outside, I just want pizza!  Homemade pizza, if you please.

 Now the first thing I thought before making homemade pizza is, ‘This is going to be a lot of hard work!’ but honestly, it was incredibly easy and so much more rewarding than ordering a pizza from a pizza parlour.  I made the pizza dough in the morning in about 8 minutes – no jokes! – and left it to rise while I went out to meet friends for a playdate.  I came home and the pizza was in the oven within 20 minutes.  Seriously!

 So I followed the great pizza dough recipe from Planner Perfect Meals.  Quick and easy-peasy!

 Once you’ve made your dough, you’ll need the following ingredients.

 a half a tin of chopped tomatoes

shredded cheese

toppings of your choice


dried oregano

dried basil

 Okay, so like I said, I made the pizza dough using Planner Perfect Meals recipe and left it to rise while I went out.When I got home it was nice and risen and waiting to be made into delicious pizza!  I stored it in my airing cupboard to rise as it was the warmest and most undisturbed place I could think of.  I had placed a little olive oil on top of the surface of the dough and covered it with a piece of cling film.  The oil is so that the cling film doesn’t stick.

 Then I took a half a tin of chopped tomatoes and pureed them using my hand blender. Then lay out your ingredients on the counter so you’re all set.

 Grease your pizza tin with a little olive oil or non stick spray!

 Now take your dough, give it a quick knead and then spread it into your pizza pan.  I wanted to do a tray bake pizza instead  of a round pizza.  It takes a little patience as you don’t want the dough to tear while you spread it. Even my little helper is impressed, lol!


Now spread the tomato sauce onto the pizza dough. Then follow with your toppings and then the grated cheese.  I added some salt, dried oregano and basil for an authentic italian flavour.


Now place it into a preheated oven at 200 degrees celcius/400 degrees farenheit for 25-35 minutes.


And it’s done!  In case you’re wondering, the toppings we used are our favourites – smoked bacon and sliced banana!  It sounds revolting but it’s one of those strange combos that works like a charm.  You know like peanut butter and celery.  You gotta try it!

If you want to try it on a smaller scale, then just fry some smoked bacon and serve it like a sandwich with some sliced banana added.  Try it and you’ll love it.  It’s even better on a pizza!

Mama R



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