Why I’m a good mom

I’ve been reading some information on various sites for women with post natal depression/post partum illness.  And a common theme is that these mothers feel as if they are rotten moms and that their kids deserve better.  Well, I have a few things to say to that:

1.  The very fact that you are trying to find help to make you better confirms that you are a good mom.  A bad mom wouldn’t bother.

2.  Is your baby fed, changed and happy?  Then you’re a good mom.

3.  Do you worry about your child’s wellbeing?  Are you concerned they are developing properly? Do you find yourself reading books on babies and toddlers to try to figure out what you can do better?  Then you are a good mom!

4. When your child is sick you take them to the doctor, you do anything you can to help him/her to feel better. Right?  Then you’re a good mom!

Stop beating yourself up! (She says making a mental note to take her own advice)

Mama R



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