PND update: is this it?

Today is the second really good day I’ve had in a row following the visit to my GP and the increase in my medication.  I’m now on the highest dose they can put me on this particular medication.  And yes I do feel completely like I’m a nutcase for taking such a high dosage but at this stage I’m prepared to try anything.  And, so far, it may be working.

Touch wood, fingers crossed, thumbs held and rabbit foot in purse. I got so much done today and yesterday.  My house is more tidy than it’s been in months and we even have clean clothes in our cupboards.  It feels so good!

The GP said I’d know when the dosage was correct when I started having more good days than bad.   So far I’ve had two good days in a row!  I’m almost afraid to think that the dosage might be correct in case this is the high before the low.  Could I be on the road to recovery?  Or is it just the scent of Spring in the air that’s making me more optimistic?

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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