Quiet book – page 1

After seeing some gorgeous Quiet books on Pinterest I decided to make one for DD. In fact, it’s one of my new years resolutions and with the way I’ve been feeling laterly it’s very theraputic. I completed my first page yesterday.

The balloons are stuck on with velcro and can be stored inside the purple pouch

Here’s the instructions:

1. Using plain fabric cut out your page to the dimentions you wish.

2. From felt, cut out a trapezoid shape (purple shape above) for the pocket.

3. From different coloured felt cut out your balloons.  You can find a general template here

4. Cut pieces of velcro appropriate to fit behind the balloons. Sew velcro to the back of the balloon by hand using a blind stitch. With a sewing machine, sew the velcro to the other side of the fabric page in any position you wish.

5. Cut ric rack in appropriate lengths and sew them (with a sewing machine) from the velcro stuck on the fabric page to inside where the trapezoid will cover the end of the ric rack.

6. Sew on the trapezoid shape to cover the ends of the ric rack.


I’ve since cut out and pinned about another 8 pages which are now waiting to be sewn.  I’ve tried as much as possible to use craft items I have in my stores and so far the only thing I’ve had to buy is a bit of velcro and a few buttons.

My problem at though is that the white muslin type fabric I’ve chosen as my page is quite flimsy.  To combat this, I’ve decided to do one page of muslin and that backing will be a felt activity page.  My problem is still then that the ends of the muslin pages will fray.  I’d love an overlocking machine which would take care of this problem quite nicely without me having the sew the pages together wrong sides facing each other and then turning them the right way round.

Next time, I’ll do only felt pages and I won’t have this problem!  You live and you learn.

Bright blessings,

Mama R


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