Beyond tired

I’m tired, I’m grumpy and I’m not in the mood for today.  In fact I’m not in the mood for life at the moment.

I’m not sleeping very well because DH is snoring like a chainsaw midmassacre and DD is waking all hours of the night and has added a new time to wake 03:20 when the stupid blimming birds start chirping outside.  What kind of bird starts chirping in the middle of the night? I’d understand if the sun were coming up but it’s pitch black outside. Of course if there’s a break in between the snoring and DD waking then I can’t get comfortable or have too many things going on in my head.  Of course sleeping tablets seem like a good idea but I’ve tried taking sleeping pills and they don’t help because I still can’t sleep what with DD waking up and DH snoring and my brain going into overdrive.  Of course it doesn’t help that I’m sleeping in the spare room to get away from the snoring and then can hear the stupid birds in the tree outside, the cars driving up and down the road, the foxes in the garden and that damned stupid owl!

I have a visit from the homestart people today and guess what?  My house is a tip because I’ve been so tired over the past few days I haven’t had the energy to do a thing.  Add that to the fact that without decent sleep I’ve been cheating on my diet – it’s a well documented fact that lack of sleep leads to overeating.  Check out the article here.  I’m really stressing because of the messy house, the laundry pile growing like a yeast and sugar concoction, I have a coldsore, I haven’t gotten my new years resolutions yet and it’s the 12th of January and and and well I’m overwhelmed, tired


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