Fabric haul, kitchen makeover and other news

It’s been difficult to post since Christmas.  My mother in law has been here and we’ve been out practically every day! My house literally looks like a tip and my laundry pile is so high I can’t see over it.  Sigh, I guess that’s what happens when you are out all day and not doing any housework!

I was SERIOUSLY spoiled this Christmas.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so spoiled actually!

My sweetie got me a Sony docking station for my iphone complete with DAB radio which if you’ve ever mucked about with a stupid aerial and still get a ‘snowy’ sound on your radio you’ll just love this!  You see hubby being a bit of a tech-geek has set up our tv to connect to a computer and an amp and a playstation.  Then you’ve got to change some or other setting, find the DVD section blah blah blah!  Basically, you need a degree in rocket science!   But now that I have my docking station on top of the fridge all I do is pop in my iphone and I can listen to whatever’s in my itunes.  Yippee!

DH managed to find the deal of all deals on the new Sony NEX 5n at a closing down sale at Best Buy… and he gave me his Sony NEX 5!!!
I haven’t the foggiest notion how all of the functions work but the Scene modes are really great and help you to take professional looking pictures with only the most basic of knowledge.  Alright by me!

DH was just the sweetest of sweeties and got me a Lush gift voucher as a surprise gift.  I was in there on boxing day and got some gorgeous products to pamper myself with.

The Hair Doctor is just amazing and is packed with Irish moss powder, extra virgin coconut oil, lanolin, almond oil, vegetable glycerine, soya lecithin and brewer’s yeast – all to condition, strengthen and mositurise the hair.  Then to improve the shine it contains red henna and rosemary. Fullers earth absorbs grease and gives a deep down clean to the scalp, and peppermint stimulates the blood flow. This hair treatment is just AWESOME!!!

Cosmetic Warrior facepack tightens the skin, fights spots and gives the skin back its natural balance.  And did I mention it leaves your skin feeling like silk afterwards?

I also got Ocean salt which is now my favourite face scrub and the tiny hands solid hand cream which is just luxurious and really cute in the shape of a hand.

And if that is not enough, my mother in law got me a lovely Cath Kidston purse!
And cash… quite a nice wad of cash… which I’ve already started spending on…


Yes I am very sad spending my Christmas lolly on fabric but Ikea does some really cute shabby chic fabric at brilliant prices and I really want to get sewing this year – especially to pretty up my kitchen.  Yes, that is a duvet cover above and yes I am going to use it for fabric.  Don’t you just love the fabric haul?

And now for the kitchen makeover.  I’ve decided that I’m sick and tired of living in this drab looking beige house and that I want to add a bit of my personality and bring the place to life. Generally, I’m going to make this house into a home. Starting with the kitchen. I’ve been searching online and here’s some of my inspiration.

I love the sort of kitschy Cath Kidston retro shabby chic look. It’s colourful, bright and cheerful.  Everything a kitchen should be.

While I am quite restricted with what I can do to my rental place I have had permission from my landlord to put up shelves which are sorely needed.  These are pretty.
With my new fabric haul I was thinking of doing a red, white and light blue kitchen in terms of soft furnishings and accessories.
I love the gingham bunting on these shelves although I’m not sure about some of the kitsch accessories!

I adore the red and white polka dot crockery!  I want it all.  Loving the shelves displaying the crockery so it’s part of the decor.

These pretty hooks with the shelf are so pretty and feminine.
With my lovely fabric I need to make all the soft accessories for the kitchen from aprons to peg bag, decorated tea towels, plastic bag holder, re-useable shopping bags, fabric hearts, pot holders, pot stands, table runner, table cloth and napkins too.  Oh and don’t forget the bunting… I might need to get a few fat quarters for some diversity.
And of course I need to make new curtains – the horrid roller blinds have got to be taken down!
These curtains are cute!
pretty accessories
Don’t you love the vintage blue bottles?
I’m thoroughly knackered since DD has a stomach bug and was up all night last night with a fever and vomiting everywhere.  I need to get into bed early so I can catch up on some sleep in case she needs me in the night again.

No rest for the wicked, eh?

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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