Making the yuletide gay

I sit at my computer listening to the strains of Eric Dodge’s Let there be peace on earth on the ipod and the intro to Jake and the Neverland Pirates telly.  DD dressed in her new pink and grey striped polo neck jumper from my bestie and jeans topped with a snotty nose runs rides her little cars from me at the dining room table and back to the telly.  The MIL and DH have gone for a day of sightseeing in London and I can’t help feeling that all is right with the world.

The past few days since MIL arrived have been crazy.  I’m used to being a home body but my MIL has been so full of energy wanting to go sightseeing and Christmas shopping every day since she arrived.  It’s been fun but man, I’m tired out!

When DH suggested going to London with his mom I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I could just have a quiet day of laundry and tidying at home. In a week I’ll be going, jeez I’m bored at home with nothing but the laundry and hoovering to do!  I know, right! But for now, I’m perfectly content to potter around my cosy house and bask in the enjoyment of the holidays.

It’s Yule today.  The proper start of winter.

This afternoon I have to go to the post office and will be collecting some holly on my way. It grows in hedgerows on the side of the road.  Since it’s been so warm this December the prickly plant still has its berries.  A stop by the florist is also on the cards to get some christmas tree offcuts for my christmas table centrepiece.  More on that tomorrow, a tutorial perhaps?  And definitely some pictures of the Gryffindor scarf I made my daughter!

What are you up to  today?

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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