Halloween decoration and cookies

DD and I baked some gingerbread biscuits the other day. Well more like I baked them and she sat on the counter and watched the preparation.  She did however crack some eggs into the bowl when I made the french toast for breakfast that day which she enjoyed.  As you can see she enjoyed sticking her little fingers all over my lovely decorative icing too, but ho-hum that’s the hazards of having a little cookie monster around.

DH insisted I decorate for Halloween this year even though I didn’t much feel like it.  Just one more thing to do and take down when it’s all over right?  Well, I finally did it last night and am actually quite pleased with the results.

Back to the 12 weeks of Christmas. I am busily sewing and creating some of next week’s tutorials.  Watch this space for the cutest christmas sockings and some sweet tree decor.

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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