The emergency room

This afternoon, DD decided it was a good idea to pick a fight with the solid oak coffee table and headbutt it when she was bending down to pick up her toy.  The coffee table won and DD has a large lump and a serious bruise right between her eyes.

A vomitting, clingy and disorientated baby who kept falling over followed.  Since I don’t yet have my lisence L  rushed me to the emergency room.  Thankfully L was here.

DH rushed home from London and met me at the hospital with the car.  After 5 hours at the emergency room DD was discharged as long as I keep an eagle eye on her and bring her back to the ER if she starts puking again, won’t wake up, becomes limp and lifeless or starts convulsing.  Oh, or if she starts seeping blood or clear liquid from her nose or ears.

Needless to say I’m going to be sleeping on the floor of her bedroom tonight just to make sure she’s okay.

Sigh… my poor little rambling rascal.

Mama R



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