Clean House

Looks like this week is going to be a busy one.  One of my friends is having her new kitchen fitted and since this requires the builders to break down a couple walls into her dining room and lounge she and her 18 month old have been kicked out of her house for safety reasons.  So she’s spending time at my house this week and her idea is to help me spring clean!  Do I have great friends or what?

My dear friend, I shall call her L for ease knows my mother in law (MIL) is coming over next month and that I’m stressing about it, just a wee bit, so she’s decided (I didn’t ask!) to help me get the house ready.  And man can I use the help!  Part of the problem of having PND is that not only do you not have any motivation, you more often than not do not have any energy. I struggle to get out of bed and since I have a 15 month old DD I have to get out of bed.  This does not mean that I am able to do anything else but care for DD on a lot of the days of the month.  Loads of things go undone in my house.  Yes, medication does help to a degree but once chores have been left to slide they build up and amass until they are a multi-headed monster that requires nothing short of a brave warrior in marigolds weilding a broom called Excalibur to set things to rights.

I am so grateful to L.  I have been so overwhelmed by this house for so many months – it’s been a long battle what with the changing of my medication to just trying not to give in to the seductive death eater whispers that go round and round in my mind. I almost can’t wait to get started!

Mama R



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