Christmas wreath trivia

Cripes it’s gotten cold the past few days! I spend this morning, although sick with a cold as is DH and DD, running around DH and DD and making draft excluders. I promise to take pics and write up a tutorial later this week because draft excluders can really help to keep down your heating bills.

I am in bed early since I’m poorly and had two lots of bad news in the last two days. A dear friend passed away as did a friend of the family. I am trying to cheer myself up with a Christmas nag and found this interesting QI tidbit about wreaths:

Did you know that even before the birth of Christ, and Christmas as we know it, the wreath was a symbol of honour and victory. In the middle ages it was adopted by those of the Christian faith as a representation of the start of Christmas. A candle was placed in the middle to form an Advent calendar style countdown, while the use of evergreen along with the circular shape represented everlasting life.

Who’d’ve thunk

Mama R

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