Sock monster tutorial

Isn’t this little guy just the cutest?


Here’s how I made him.

I bought a bunch of knee lengths socks from Poundland in funky colours.  First lay the sock out neatly


and using a sharp pair if scissors cut the sock as shown


Turn the sock pieces for the arms and legs (the middle piece above is the body) inside out.

Sew the arm and leg pieces along the sides so that only one short side is open

 Turn the arms and legs the right way round again and stuff with soft toy filling.

Stuff the body of the monster too with as much filling as you feel is necessary.

Fold the opening of the body part of the monster inside to form a neat edge and pin in the legs between the two parts of the body opening and sew with the sewing machine if your machine will handle it or by hand.

It should look like this.


Now, hand sew the arms onto the monster and also, sew the heel part of the sock into the shape of a mouth.  This just neatens it off.

Now comes the decorating part!  You could sew buttons for eyes straight onto your monster but I prefer to mount the buttons on pieces of felt first. Sew on a mouth and teeth if you want or even a long tongue.  It’s really just up to your imagination.  I sewed some hair onto my monster using scraps of felt.  My daughter will probably pull these out the first opportunity she gets but there you go.


And that’s it!  Easy peasy!

Bright blessings,

Mama R






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