12 weeks of Christmas – stocking tutorial

Aren’t these Christmas stockings just adorable?


I’m so excited with how they turned out and can’t wait to put them up along with the Christmas tree. Is it only October? Darn!

To make these adorable stockings you will need:

1m x 3 contrasting fabrics (in cotton or polycotton)
Ric rac
pom pom trim
tailors chalk
White thread
pinking shears

 Draw a stocking boot shape onto your cardboard and cut it out for a template. Fold your first piece of fabric in half and lay it out so the ends meet. Place your stocking cut out onto the fabric and draw around it with the tailors chalk.


Remove the cardboard cut out and cut out the boot shape from the fabric using your pinking shears. Of course you don’t have to use pinking shears; if you have an overlocker/serger you can use this so the ends of the fabric don’t fray. Or if you prefer, you could use zig zag stitch on the ends of your fabric.


Cut out the cuff, heel and toe pieces of the stocking from alternating fabric so you have a mix and match look on your stocking. Pin the cuff, heel and toe pieces onto only the top layer of your boot cut out fabric. Complete these steps for the total amount of stockings you are making.


as you can see my daughter just loved ‘helping’

Sew these into place. Next sew on the ric rac with your machine and the pom pom trim by hand.

Place the stocking together so the right sides are facing each other (the stocking will appear inside out) and pin together. Pin in the piece of ric rack from which to hang the stocking. Sew on the ric rack and then sew around the edges of the stocking about 1 cm away from the edge of the fabric.

 Turn the stocking the right way round again and iron flat. And there you go!


Roll on December so I can decorate for Christmas!

Bright blessings,

Mama R



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