Achoo! Chicken soup

I can no longer deny that I have my DH and DD’s cold/flu thing.  I’m feeling worse rather than better as the week goes by and find myself desperate for chicken soup and hot chocolate. Obviously not together.  Here‘s the recipe I usually use for chicken soup. I just want to curl up on the sofa in my PJ’s and socks with a blanky, a box of tissues and the remote. Like that’s going to happen?

I have my second Christmas cake in the oven.  It’s not for me though.  I have a deal with a friend who is a sugar craft expert.  IShe’s helping me to ice my christmas cake and I’m making her a cake in lieu of payment. It’s a really good deal I think, so it’s her cake in the oven right now.  I also have the vegetables on the hob cooking away for tonights dinner.  I guess since I’m already feeling like crap I could get up to get some cold and flu meds and make the quick and easy chicken soup while I’m about it.

What do you like to eat or do when you’re sick?

Mama R



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